• SOULSEEK: an incredible p2p filesharing program. mostly used for music but you can find pretty much anything there
  • qBITTORRENT: torrenting client without any gross adware
  • JDOWNLOADER: cool download manager program, makes DDLs way easier
  • uBLOCK ORIGIN: best adblocker evar
  • LUCKY PATCHER: great tool for modding .apk files, especially for unlocking free in-app purchases
  • 2CYR: chances are you will download something from a russian site and the encoding in the .txt files will be super fucked. you can try putting it through here to turn it normal for easier translation


  • rutracker: my beloved. best torrent tracker
  • 1337x: another good tracker
  • m0nkrus: very legit guy with good software (especially adobe stuff)
  • darck repacks: repacked software, video games, android apps...tons of shit
  • r/piracy: for real even if you think reddit is cringe it has great resources on piracy i prommy
  • r/freemediaheckyeah: SO MANY special resources


  • r/roms megathread: huuuge list of roms with great tips&tricks this site rules
  • fitgirl: tons of great repacks for pc games, my first choice for game downloads
  • gog-games: tons of games from gog/steam
  • steamunlocked: ALSO tons of games from gog/steam
  • cs.rin.ru: video game piracy forum (russian/english)
  • romhacking.net: awesome resource for rom hacking & homebrew
  • dlpsgame.org: i get all my playstation roms here but theres a bunch of other console & pc games too
  • cdromance: another go-to for roms. they even have a bunch of english patched roms :D



  • library genesis: free access to books, magazines, comics, academic articles, etc
  • sci-hub: free access to literally millions of research papers & books
  • youtube-dl gui: never try to fuck with youtube to mp3 websites again with this
  • bandcamp downloader: basically the above just for bandcamp
  • mangadex: awesome manga hosting site with tons of scanlations
  • nyaa: torrents for anime, manga, & other east asian media
  • pdfdrive: mmmm im so full from pdfs yum
  • r/moviestreamingsite: movie/tv streaming sites seem to pop up and leave like whack a moles so thank you to redditors for keeping up with them


  • kvraudio: not everything is free but there are a lot of great free plugins
  • vstplanet: tons of free vsts, a lot of them are old and weird so i love this site
  • audioz: general audio warez, educational shit, sample packs, etc
  • jackdark vsts: my favorite vsts. a shitton of old weird and slightly broken plugins for trashing audio up real good
  • scorser: free access to sheet music, tabs, midis, etc
  • plugintorrent: exactly what it says
  • vstorrent: same as above
  • freshstuff4you: same as above...again
  • audiotools: same as above again...again


last updated: 9/15/21