a lack of accessible resources/learning material on 3d/cgi can be very offputting to newcomers, making the artistic process feel overwhelming or even like too much of a hassle to pursue.

im a self-taught 3d artist with super-autism & this page is my effort to provide free knowledge and inspiration to anyone interested in 3d art, with a focus on open-source software.
note: traditionally paid programs will have a link to access them for free

a piece of advice: as an intersection of art and mathematics, the excercising of problem solving skills is essential to 3d creation. try not to rely too much on tutorials, & all knowledge gained from even the most specific tutorials can be applied elsewhere.


  • blender: obviously. with each new update adding a bunch of new features & ease of use, blender is probably the best tool for 3d/cgi like... ever & i cant recommend it highly enough
  • substance painter / crack: a powerful program for photorealistic 3d texturing, it has a bit of a learning curve but is incredibly fun to use when you get the hang of it. the ability to paint directly on the model makes things a lot easier for me personally, and the pbr materials make detailed texturing a breeze.


  • you saved my life: my youtube playlist with various videos covering a bunch of different topics that were useful to me. it has a variety of stuff covering modeling, texturing, rigging, & game design.
  • blender 3.0 basics course: this is probably the best series for beginners out there, with a bunch of easy to understand videos covering each basic feature in blender 3.0. a fantastic starting point & highly recommended!!!
  • intranet girl's blender intraduction tutorial: this video goes through the process of creating a render in a very beginner friendly way. her cool art style and personality make it a super fun tutorial




  • cg cookie: i already mentioned the blender basics course, but this channel is a goldmine at any level of knowledge and very adhd friendly imo
  • the mighty ginkgo: second life-focused but all knowledge can be applied elsewhere. tons of videos ranging from creating/rigging your own mesh to copybotting safely


  • cgpersia: DDLs for 3d/graphics software, plugins, classes, etc
  • grafixfather: kinda like Cgpersia 2
  • getintopc: the 3d/cad and graphic design categories are very useful


last updated: 01/09/22